seated chair massage brisbane

Seated Chair Massage Brisbane

Provide a new and creative way to attract and retain high performing people to your company!

Massage has been proven and tested to lower stress levels, lessen aches and pains and improve posture and lighten moods. Bring something extra into your workplace with our seated chair massage service. The massage sequence works on pressure points, mostly of the body's upper extremities. Due to its versatility, it is becoming very popular and in demand among working professionals looking for relaxation and stress relief. It is convenient because it can be done even if the client is fully clothed. The massage takes place on an especially customised portable chair allowing the person to receive the massage right in their work stations or work place.

Seated chair massage Brisbane companies recommend focuses on two important points: good circulation and positive touch. As the session relaxes the muscles, blood flows more freely resulting in better circulation. Having good circulation also means that the body is able to eliminate waste more effectively from muscles into the bloodstream. Positive touch, on the other hand affects the psychological rather than the physical. As touch therapies would prove, we all benefit from "good" touching.

Seated chair massage is one of the most cost effective ways to extend support to your staffs, letting them know that they are very much valued. Productivity and enthusiasm improves when people feel truly valued and we can help you fully engage with your most valuable assets - your people. It only takes less than an hour to make your people happy and turn them into productive employees. Call now to find out why this is one investment employers should make.