lymphatic drainage brisbane

Lymphatic Drainage Brisbane

To better understand the lymphatic drainage massage as a therapy, let us first look at what the lymphatic system is. The lymphatic system is the body's system for draining fluids from tissues. It is made of specific lymph vessels, separate from the blood vessel system. Along the lymph vessels are lymph nodes and lymph glands (these glands are the spleen, tonsils and thymus gland). The lymph fluid has many functions. It returns fluid from the tissues back to the blood system, filters the blood, produces blood cells (lymphocytes), and helps protect against infection and disease. The lymph in the body is propelled through the lymph vessels by small contractions of the vessels, surrounding muscle contraction, intestinal movements, respiration and proper massage.

At Affordable Healing Hands, the lymphatic drainage Brisbane clients recommend, has been proven to increase a person's immune system function.

Lymphatic drainage massage is good for anyone with lymphedema, whether it is a condition that occurs without any particular cause, or it is caused by injury, scarring or removal of lymph nodes, radiation therapy, traumas or infections to the lymph system. The benefit from lymphatic drainage comes mostly from the physical displacement of the lymphatic fluid and the substances that it carries.