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Corporate Massage Brisbane

Massage has been proven and tested to lower stress levels, lessen aches and pains and improve posture and lighten moods. Why not boost the productivity among your employees by trying our corporate massage?

Also known as the seated chair massage, the corporate massage Brisbane residents recommend is a technique which covers the back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands, side of legs and the scalp. The massage sequence works on pressure points, mostly of the body's upper extremities. Due to its versatility, it is becoming very popular and in demand among working professionals looking for relaxation and stress relief. This is a fully clothed type of massage and no oils are used for the therapy, so it can really be performed anywhere that is convenient. The massage takes place on an especially customised portable chair allowing the person to receive the massage right in their work stations or work place. The therapy normally takes 15-25 minutes, depending on the need. It is short yet impactful which is why it is recommended for busy employees. It targets areas of the body that are prone to tension giving instant relief.

The benefits of corporate massage are diverse, it usually rejuvenates tired muscles, relieves stress, headache and back pain. It leaves employees feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to return for work. So try one now and see what kind of corporate massage Brisbane locals are raving about.